What I do and why I do it

My bio says: “senior advisor who takes entrepreneurs, leaders and consultants – and their concepts – to the next level”. It’s vague enough to generate interest, but comprehensive enough to frame all my assignments. I run a business where I help people (see above) turn their knowledge and expertise into successful products or services. I call it “packaging”. But often, my journey and that of the client needs to start with packaging… the individual. By helping them get clarity on their niche and purpose.

Often the process starts one step earlier, with a reputation analysis by my mentor/colleague/partner in crime, Per Frykman. With the customer’s insights into their reputation, the packaging goes much faster. Frykman Bibik is not a bad combination. It started as a mentorship. Now it’s probably both mentoring each other. “I also mentor other people, both ‘regular’ customers and students at Sten K Johnson and UF.

Since I myself, when I started my company back in the days, received very good help from the New Enterprise Centre, I decided that at some point I would give back in the role of advisor. Here I am. It’s great fun to help new entrepreneurs take their first entrepreneurial steps.

Why do I do what I do? My ‘why’ is twofold.
It starts in primary school in Poland, which tests a grade 6 (out of 5) for creativity and divergent thinking. It would be hard to get a six, yet I think most of my friends – and I – were racking up sixes left and right. And then I think that if ordinary Polish kids can do it, anyone can become a six. And I help those who want to. If you’re not interested in being a six, you’re actually not my customer either.

The second part of my why is very selfish. I can’t stand seeing things, solutions, ideas that could have been so much better, but turned out… mediocre. If it is due to nonchalance, then there is not much to do. If it’s due to ignorance, I want to help. Because it’s fun to be a six out of five…