Taking yourself to the next level

My headline says: SENIOR CONSULTANTS who take entrepreneurs and leaders – and their concepts – to the next level. But what exactly is “the next level”?

Well… how long is a string? And what are you on it? For one person, it means changing their work situation. For another, it means finally starting your own business. For a third, scaling up and selling off.

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. I’m not sure I agree. Ok, your step 1 may not be measured against someone’s step 100, but it’s the person at step 100 who sets the bar for you. And sure, you should compare yourself. And go back, as soon as you can.

Carl Rogers* said that “significant positive personality change does not occur except in a relationship”. It is when the “next level” starts to become problematic that you need to bring in help. When things are going too fast or when they become too complicated. Or when you don’t really want to make a change yourself, but it is actually required of you. I don’t necessarily mean that you should bring me in, but I encourage you to bring someone in.

But you can also choose to level up… because. For your own satisfaction. Because it feels good to be in a context where you can realize your full potential. To be challenged in a positive sense and constantly seek higher value (and I mean intellectually). Because you know that there’s more out there that beckons.

The downside of taking yourself and your concept to the next level is that not everyone follows. Some because they don’t want to, others because they can’t. That’s the price you have to pay. I feel that many – unfortunately – choose to stay here, as the short-term loss overshadows the long-term gain. I don’t take the right to judge here, because once in my career I made the same choice. It cost me a few years, which I am now keen for my clients not to repeat.

I argue that the concept developer and the concept are linked. One does not work without the other. If you want to take your concept to the next level, you have to be willing to go there yourself. But if you take yourself to the next level first, what you create automatically evolves. It’s a puzzling equation, but it always works.

*Carl Rogers: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Carl-Rogers