my name is magdalena bibik
i develop people who develop ideas.

if you need help generating your first idea, refining an existing one or finding structure among all your ideas – then you are in the right place. welcome!
bibik Co. offers mentoring, coaching and education in idea generation and psychology of ideas (ideas and customer behavior combined). it’s nerdy, niched and very specific – but if it’s right for you then you will find what you came for.


A good idea is about solving a problem or meeting a desire. And delivering solutions that customers are curious about. After teaching Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Sales for many years and realizing that most of the questions after a class were about ideas, I decided to niche my business towards idea generation. I had found a competence gap that I was able to fill.

I have always been interested in Psychology. Thus, in the spring of 2021, I coined the term “Psychology of Ideas”, that is connecting the idea creator, customer and the idea itself in a way I had never seen before.

My educational background is law and business economics. I have built businesses within five different industries. But nothing tops developing ideas. Well… maybe teaching and mentoring others to develop ideas.

My mission is to bring out “a six” (out of five) in people so that their ideas become better than good.

bibik Co. is based in Lund, but I work – preferably online – with clients around the world. I work in English, Swedish and Polish.

  • No ideas?  ·  Then I’ll teach you where to find them. Or we’ll find them together.
  • Too many ideas?  ·  You’ll get help structuring and prioritizing those worth working on.
  • Ideas that don’t become a reality?  ·  We’ll go to the bottom of why that is and provide you with tools to move forward.
  • Not enough idea generation skills?  ·  We’ll adjust your education plan to match your needs.
  • Are you about to lead a creative team?  ·  You will get the tools you need to create a culture for innovation.
  • Do you need a pair of experienced eyes on your idea?  ·  Perhaps all you need is a second opinion on something you are working on. You’ll get that here.