My name is Magdalena Bibik.
I'll help you turn your ideas into reality.

I’ll help you package your knowledge and expertise into successful products and services, so that you can take your business to the next level.
Since I am focusing on ideas, I also offer expertise in idea generation for those who need to work on their internal idea generation process.

for those who want to create something new

You have solid experience and expertise within your field – and a desire to package this expertise into your own concept. Perhaps you have discovered a knowledge gap and know exactly what to fill it with, but maybe not how to do it. Here is where I come in, because together we’ll take that idea (or thought) of yours all the way to successful products/services.

for those who need a system for their idea work 

You are a large team who generates ideas and concepts on daily basis. But you are lacking structure and a system – so everyone does things differently and noone really knows what anyone else is doing. Here is where I enter and create an environment for innovation and a structure that will increase the quality of your ideas. This is my “nerdy part”, if you wish…. where the idea generation process is in focus.