the blueprint

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A program for those who want to package their knowledge and expertise into successful concepts or services.

I've put together what most people struggle with in concept development. You know what you know in your field, The Blueprint helps you with the rest.
Together we make sure that the idea you have becomes a reality.
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the blueprint is for those who:

have solid knowledge and experience from your industry, and are now in a position where you would like to develop your existing role with your own concept.

  • you have identified a skills gap and know exactly what to do to fill it - but maybe not quite how to do it.
  • you have developed something of your own that you would like to bring to market - but you are unsure about all the 'other stuff', such as sales, marketing, getting it to customers.
  • you are curious about how to translate your expertise into more revenue streams and more free time.

the blueprint will give you the tools and methods to successfully launch your concept.


Once you have completed the blueprint, you can rest assured:

  • You know exactly who your ideal customer is and how they behave in relation to what you create.
  • You have a strategy for meeting your ideal customer at all stages of their customer journey.
  • you understand how your concept needs to be packaged to meet the customer's exact needs.
  • you know how to talk to the customer so they buy!
  • you see immediately if your concept is a good idea - and if not, where to find good ideas.
  • you have a way of working that works for you and makes the process of developing something of your own both enjoyable and straightforward.
  • your customer values you for the expert you are

There's a lot of recognition throughout the program and it was almost hard to imagine that it was a general program, because it felt like it was tailor-made for me.

Nothing beats the feeling when you achieve a goal you never thought you would. Magdalena shortened my time from 1-2 years to 4 months!

- Bianca Rahimzadeh


This is part of the blueprint:

11 modules (sections) that together cover the most commonly encountered aspects of concept development, which can bring the process to a complete halt - and which make the difference between a successful launch and something that may not even reach the market.

(the best thing about the blueprint: you can watch the videos in any order you want, and you can pick only what is relevant to you).

You have access to the material for 1 year from the date of registration.


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