"Bible Idea Bible"

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Bibik's idea bible: your ultimate tool for understanding idea generation. Get inspired, engage your team - and come up with your next big idea! 136 pages.

ISBN: 9789152719862


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Your go-to book when it comes to anything related to ideas - when you need inspiration for exercises and activities - and when you have a concrete problem related to idea generation.

You will learn:

- the basics of idea generation
- where to find ideas
- the idea generation process
- what habits you need to create to get good at ideas
- over 40 idea generation exercises


"I am reading about it right now. There are new dimensions emerging all the time and in this area you are the pioneer today."

"I love the first page in the car! Absolutely wonderful! Now I will continue reading with devotion... Thank you!"

"Many thanks for the book. It was very timely. Much of what you write about around idea generation is what we should be doing."


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