advisory agency
helping professionals
turn their knowledge and
expertise into successful
products and services

Now is the time to get your expertise out to the world.

You have a deep competence within your field, and would like to get it out to the market with your own products or services. Perhaps you’ve come up with something that has never been done before. Or you have a unique combination of skills. You have found a gap in the market and know exactly what to fill it with, but probably not how to do it. And you are not keen on doing it alone.

Here is where I come in. I will teach you how to establish your ideal clients, how to find the piece of your niche that will speak to your target audience, how to package your knowledge and expertise into products and services that your customers want to buy, how to price your offers, how to get your message across and how to “sell without selling”.

my professional reputation, analyzed in 2023

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Lunds Universitet  ·  Region Skåne ·  Ideon Science Park ·  Nyföretagarcentrum ·  Venture Cup  ·  Bioss  · Heresy Consulting ·  Schibsted  ·  Reputation Mastery  ·  ICA · Bergendahls · Dublin Chamber of Commerce ·  Semper · Söderberg & Partners  ·  Telge · m.fl.