I am not sure if we’re allowed to call it coaching, because I will, in fact, tell you what to do.

I heard somewhere that as a coach, you are not allowed to give advice. Well… of course I will give you both advice and answers to your questions if you let me coach you on your idea generation journey. However, you will be the one doing the actual work.

You will get the most value from me if you – or your team – are struggling with one or more of the following:
– you don’t have any ideas, or you are stuck in an idea generation process that isn’t satisfying
– you have too many ideas and can’t seem to prioritize and decide which ones to choose
– you have come up with a great idea, but SOMEHOW it doesn’t seem to ever become a reality
– you are just about to start a new project or launch a new service/product and need the help with the initial stage
– you want an experienced idea generator who will hold your hand during the entire idea generation process

I have 2 rates:

400 € + VAT/hour
(includes 1 hour of coaching over Zoom)

10000 € + VAT/year
(includes 2 online coaching appointments per month, frequent follow ups and some access to direct feedback over the phone. Within this package, we are working together towards a set goal. This is a good fit for a company that is tackling an idea generation issue that might take some time to get through (launches, startups, pivots etc) or for an individual who is committed to becoming a world class idea generator over a course of one year. There is no standard procedure, of course, we tailor the work process specifically to your needs). I don’t accept more than 3 clients per year.

If you are not interesting in doing the actual work, then I might step in and do it for you as a remote (online) part time project manager. I have capacity for one such project at a time and it usually lasts 1-4 months.

I also offer keynotes and workshops. Contact me for more info.