helps clients package their knowledge and expertise into successful products, services and concepts.

You're probably really good at what you do. You've discovered a knowledge gap and know exactly what you'd like to fill it with, but maybe not quite how to go about it - or even where to start. I'll help you all the way from idea to launch.

Mentoring: we do it together

I will accompany you all the way in your concept development, from coming up with the idea (if needed), to packaging it and bringing it to life. We'll meet online, at your pace - and I'll be with you step by step. Here, you do most of the work and I guide you along the way.

Agency: I'll do it for you

You want to focus all your time on your area of expertise and choose to delegate away all the "other stuff". Such as validating your idea, laying out a sales strategy, creating ideal communications for your ideal customer and incorporating digital tools into the process. I step in and do it for you, in whole or in part (you can be as involved as you want - or not at all)

Training: you learn to do it yourself

For those who don't want manual help with concept development - but want to learn how to do it on their own, there are a large number of online tutorials on the course portal. Here you'll learn how to create something the customer will want, how to come up with an idea that will stick and everything you need to know about customer behaviour.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lund University - Region Skåne - Ideon Science Park - Venture Cup - Bioss - Schibsted - Reputation Mastery - ICA - Bergendahls - Dublin Chamber of Commerce  - Telge - Semper - Söderberg & Partners and others.